America 101 — The American Calendar

Coming Home and Learning How to America, Again

Today is Memorial Day — a day we remember sacrifice and thank those for their service.

Today is May 25, 2020

In every other part of the world, it would be 25/5/20.

In America, it’s 5/25/20.

I’m not sure why we’ve dug in our heels over the 5/25/20 when the 25/5/20 is so very clear and simple.

I had to complete several health and customs forms when I was sitting on the plane Friday and I wrote every date wrong -including my birthday March 1, 1970 — which, for my expat brain, is 1/3/70.

Somewhere out there in America is a piece of paper that stipulates my birthday is January 3, 1970.

This one is going to take me forever to get my head around.

And time.

I’m used to a 24 hour clock. 9PM is 2100. It’s simple. And yet every website in America (be it an app or whatever) makes me distinguish between AM and PM because they don’t use the 24 hour clock.

So my birthday is officially in January and I don’t know what time it is.

Learning how to America.

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